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IHSN Healthcare is an international consulting firm with offices in London and Shanghai. We build and deliver healthcare partnerships and clinical services between UK, Europe, Middle East and China.

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About us

What we are

IHSN Healthcare is an international consulting firm that creates strategic cross-border growth plans for companies in the healthcare sector.

Our focus is on bringing together international healthcare companies and organisations to strengthen their collaborative networks, to grow commercial opportunities and share medical expertise globally.

From introducing the UK healthcare ecosystem to new markets, from entry to the UK market, IHSN Healthcare is ideally placed as your partner of choice.

What we do

We work with our international partners on growing clinical and commercial cross-border partnerships. Our expertise comes from our international networks of clinicians, hospitals, insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, pharmaceutical and biotech and investors across our target markets.


We identify opportunities for collaboration and growth, focusing on helping our partners achieve their objectives and to share commercial opportunities and share medical expertise.


Our expertise in healthcare markets in the UK, China and Middle East means that we are well placed to help work through and drive commercial and clinical opportunities in these high-growth markets.


Our knowledge of international healthcare and investment markets means that we are excellently placed to help you find the perfect partner that you need, from private and state hospitals, medical device manufacturers, health insurance companies, regulatory support, etc. We want to make sure that we can find the right fit for you.

Who we are

The team at IHSN Healthcare has many years expertise across healthcare, international business and finance, international fundraising, M&A and market entry, with experience in Europe, UK, Asia and the Middle East.

We work with key advisors across the healthcare, legal and investment sectors to provide our partners the support and guidance required to ensure success.

Find out more about the team:

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