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Discovery Health Screening 

Beauty Clinic

At IHSN, we are proud to offer an exceptional healthcare experience that is comprehensive, personalised, and designed to empower you to take control of your well-being. Our unique service combines preventive healthcare with a bespoke approach, ensuring that your individual needs and concerns are at the forefront of our care.

Here's what you can expect as part of our exclusive package:

  1. Pre-Assessment Consultation: Prior to your visit, one of our skilled nurses will conduct a thorough pre-assessment call. During this conversation, we will delve into your medical history, both personal and familial, as well as gain valuable insights into your lifestyle. This invaluable information will serve as the foundation for your assessment on the day of your visit.

  2. Comprehensive Nurse-Led Consultation: Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our compassionate nursing team. They will guide you through a 30-minute consultation, during which we will meticulously evaluate your health. This includes essential measurements such as height and weight, a precise blood pressure assessment, a resting ECG, a visual acuity examination, and the calculation of a cardiovascular Qrisk score.

  3. Extensive Urine and Blood Analysis: To gain a comprehensive understanding of your well-being, we will collect urine and blood samples. Our state-of-the-art laboratory will conduct a thorough urine analysis, covering various risk factors. Additionally, our advanced blood analysis will delve into crucial aspects such as heart health, diabetes indicators, liver function, kidney health, bone density, and markers for infection and inflammation.

  4. Holistic Cardiac and Pulmonary Assessment: We are committed to leaving no stone unturned when it comes to your cardiac and pulmonary health. To achieve this, we offer a range of cutting-edge tests, including an echocardiogram, ECG, chest X-ray, and lung spirometry. These advanced assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, ensuring your peace of mind.

  5. Optional Enhancements: For those seeking an even more comprehensive evaluation, we offer optional add-ons at an additional cost. You can choose to include detailed MRI scans for a thorough examination of specific areas, or opt for cancer genetic blood tests, which provide valuable insights into your risk profile for various types of cancer.

  6. Insights and Follow-Up: Once all the assessments are complete, our dedicated team will meticulously compile the results. We will then organize a follow-up visit or remote consultation with one of our esteemed doctors. During this personalised session, your doctor will carefully review the test results with you, offer expert guidance, and create a tailored plan that addresses your unique health concerns.

At IHSN Healthcare, we believe that your health is your greatest asset. That's why our packages are meticulously designed to offer you a holistic, preventative healthcare solution that is truly unparalleled. Discover the transformative power of personalised care and take charge of your well-being with our all-encompassing and bespoke healthcare package.

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