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Hospital leadership education programme in Middle East

State-run health care provider in Qatar sought a comprehensive upskilling of healthcare leadership around project delivery and change management.

Ambitious expansion of services and facilities meant that Executive Directors wanted these managed using international best practice.


Working with the in-house Learning and Development team as well as the Project and Change Leadership, we undertook an on-site review of current capabilities as measured against best practice.


On realising that simply training leadership without supporting the rest of the staff would be short-sighted, we designed a portfolio of courses that catered for entry level staff through to Executive Directors.


The courses were a blend of bespoke short courses through to exam-based international qualifications. Addressing language and cultural differences was also part of the brief. 


Working over 2 years, the programme was deemed a success. Staff retention increased while attraction of top clinicians and management was made easier. There was a direct investment benefit where introduction of new facilities, services and procedures was achieved faster and at lower cost than before the training commenced.


As well as undertaking the initial training using UK based training staff, we built-in a train-the-trainer element so that the client could be self-sufficient when the assignment ended. This was seen by the client as a major advantage in building long-term capability.

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