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Peritoneal chemotherapy heating and recirculating system

Client’s class 3 device is now in 3rd generation after original design 10 years ago. They sought to introduce this product into China as a value-add technology-led device to an existing functional alternative.

They were open to direct investment, licensing and manufacturing relationships.


Initial partner identification started in November 2019 and by February 2020, we had found a potential partner able to support the initial market analysis. By Q3 2020 we initiated a detailed gap analysis process, controlling the flow of information between both parties while undertaking independent verification of issues arising through the research. This process was achieved despite the inability to have physical meetings where the device and consumables could be inspected.


In April 2021 the client was presented with a clear market summary of where and how the product could be introduced into the Chinese healthcare system, a pathway for obtaining regulatory approval and initial interest in establishing manufacturing capability in China. They also received investment offer of $5m to finance the regulatory progress.


Second stage of negotiations will follow once physical due diligence starts.  

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